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Terms and conditions of our services

CLEANING SERVICE | 10:00 to 15:00

Cleaning services are scheduled between 10:00 h and 15:00 h. If you do not wish to receive these services, please hang the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the outer handle of your door.

Our cleaning services will change your bedclothes every three days.

Bathrooms are not supplied with hygiene products or cosmetics except for shower gel and shampoo, hairdryers, toilet paper and towel kits that our cleaning team will change. 

BREAKFAST | 9:00 to 11:00

Breakfast time is from 9:00 h to 11:00 h (you need to make a reservation in advance). 

DINNER | 20:30 to 22:00

Dinner time is from 20:30 h to 22:00 h. Reservations are accepted until 19:00. The dining room closes at 23:00 h.

** Under Regulation No. 1169/2011, on information on allergens, Do Artesanato, C. A. C. informs its clients that the breakfast served in our establishment may contain gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and others. If you need products that are free of these allergens, please inform our staff in advance so that we can adapt your breakfast to your needs. 


You may stay with your pets and let them sleep in your room provided that you follow these instructions:

  • You may not take your pets to the dining room while breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.
  • You must bring your own carriers for your pets or, alternatively, the baskets or blankets they normally use to sleep so that your pets will not feel strange and to ensure that they will not use the beds.
  • Pets may not stay in the premises on their own while their owners are away.
  • Owners are responsible for any harm their pets may suffer as a result of biting cables or due to other incidents, as well as for any damages their pets may cause.

* Stays with pets cost an additional €6/night in Casa Perfeuto María.


TOWELS – Washing powder/liquids play a major role in water pollution.

  • If you think you can use your towers one more day, please put them on the hangers; otherwise you can leave them in the tub and we will change them for you.

HEATING – Keeping houses warm takes a high toll on the environment.

  • Please do not use the heating while the windows are open.
  • There is no point in wanting to dress in shirtsleeves in winter by heating up the premises excessively.

LIGHTS – To prevent the use of unnecessary electric power is to prevent pollution.

  • Please turn off the lights when you do not need them. If you think you are the last one to leave a room, make sure that all lights are turned off.


  • The toilet is not a suitable waste disposal system.
  • Please use the dustbins.
  • When you are out in the countryside, do not drop cigarette ends, pieces of paper, tins or other similar items, as these pollute the environment and deteriorate the beauty of the landscape.


Please do not hesitate to make any suggestion for us to improve our services and facilities.

We are at your disposal should any unforeseen circumstance or indisposition occur.

Reception: + 34 981 851 009 | reservas@doartesanato.com.

* By purchasing any of the services or products shown on this website, users accept these general terms and conditions. For the interpretation, implementation and discharge of the obligations that result from the client’s acceptance of the conditions issued by our establishment, both the client and Do Artesanato submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Noia in A Coruña, Spain, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.