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About us

Q quality Casa Perfeuto María

A family business based in Outes, A Coruña, DO ARTESANATO has been carrying out different rural tourism and outdoor leisure activities since 1998.

Casa Perfeuto María was born as a rural house after a long period of development of our family project. With the help of our relatives, neighbours and friends, we, Perfeuto and María’s daughters (Carmen and Hermosinda) and grandchildren (Manuel and China) were able to bring this project out to light. And we have been sharing this project with our guests since 2001.

We are eager to improve every day, and to improve our house, our premises and all those small details so that you will feel really comfortable. We pay close attention to your suggestions, as each experience is an inexhaustible source of ideas that can help us improve. 

You will enjoy our house if you like:

  • The change of the seasons.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Feeling the spell of fire.
  • Slow travelling.
  • Diving into silence.
  • You will not like our house if you can’t do without TV, nightclubs or stilettoes, and if you need to look at others and be looked at.