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Casa Perfeuto María is a rural house in Outes which sits at the foot of a Celtic hill fort in a river valley by the Ria of Muros and Noia. Located on the Way of St James, on the stretch that leads to Fisterra, Casa Perfeuto María is only a thirty-minute drive away from Santiago de Compostela, between the Rías Baixas and the Costa da Morte.

This old farmhouse sits among rivers, beaches and mountains with beautiful views of the coast, in an ideal environment for rural tourism.

From Casa Perfeuto María, guests may visit the historical towns of Muros and Noia, travelling along the ria and its beaches. You can also go on a hiking excursion, climb to picturesque viewpoints and enjoy the sunset somewhere on the Atlantic coast. Rambling along Carnota’s extensive beach and admiring the famous granary in the town, continuing on the way to the Lighthouse of Fisterra, travelling along the Rías Baixas, visiting the dunes of Corrubedo or discovering the city of Santiago de Compostela are among the many other tourist activities you can practise thanks to our exceptional location.

Visitors will find multiple pre-Roman settlements: the dolmens of Berdoias and Olveira in Dumbría, the dolmen of Cabaleiros in Tordoia, the dolmen of Corbeira in Mazaricos, the dolmen of Dombate in Cabana and the dolmen of Axeitos on the mountain range of Barbanza.

We will suggest a selection of excursions across this area which suits your interests, including routes on the riverside and on the mountains where you can feel free to ‘disappear’.