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5 dates, 5 activities

Wednesday, 2 de may de 2018

During this summer we are planning a series of events with Amextreme , where we will organize active tourism activities for all those who want to sign up and especially for people who are staying at our establishments. We already have the first dates and activities, which are the following.

Bungee Jumping (August 22)

This experience is for the most daring, for those who need an adrenaline rush or to face their fears, as it can be very therapeutic. The jump takes place in Ponte de Ceilán, just 5 minutes by car from our Cabañitas del Bosque, with a height of 25 meters and in a perfect location to take some good pictures of the moment. It is only necessary to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, since we provide all the safety material.

Canyoning (August 23)

This is one of the most exciting and attractive activities that one can enjoy in direct contact with nature and in our land and we have everything, in terms of natural resources, to practice it. It is a semi-aquatic sport that combines different disciplines, such as mountaineering and caving, in which fun is assured. We will have to cross gorges, cross waterfalls, descend canyons or ravines, descend slides and waterfalls... The activity will take place in Santa Baia, very close to our rural boarding house.

Rafting (August 24)

Lovers of water and speed will be delighted with the adventure we have scheduled. We will descend through the Ulla river on rough waters in wide and safe pneumatic rafts, avoiding the obstacles that the river has in store for us. It will also give us time to relax on the calm waters, where we can take a bath.

Zip Lining (August 25)

For those who are not scared  of heights, on our Cabanas do Barranco property, we have installed a spectacular zip line with a Tibetan bridge from where you will have amazing views, both, of our cabins and the mountain range. You can even get to see the Ensenada do Engano, the final point of the ria of Muros and Noia. A circuit with a 70-meter Tibetan bridge and an 80-meter drop with cable with an average height of 22 meters.

Kayaking (August 26)

The descent in kayak from the Pesqueria del Tambre to the bridge of Ceilán, passing through the medieval Ponte Nafonso, will give you the opportunity to pass through different landscapes, all of them spectacular, like the descent on the Tambre river with the slopes of Galician mountains to the sides, arriving at its mouth and a small incursion at the beginning (or the end) of our ria of Muros and Noia. The approximate duration of the activity is 2 to 3 hours.