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Thursday, 27 de february de 2020

As you’ll have noticed if you’ve looked through our website, we’re proud of the care we take in designing each of our buildings, from our innovative remodel and rehabilitation of Casa Perfeuto Maria to our eco-friendly, light-filled treehouses. We worked closely with our architecture and engineering partners, Salgado e Liñares, to create structures that work with their environment, both visually and in terms of sustainable building practices. For example, to minimize impact on the environment from the construction process, the treehouses were mostly assembled off-site, and then trucked in to the property to be assembled like puzzles. It was quite a design challenge, but we think it was worth the effort top create something truly exceptional. Today we’d like to give you a tour of another one of our buildings, a piece of architecture that is both functional and beautiful: the Centro de Actividades Mariñeiras (Maritime Activity Center), or CAM for short.

Because each treehouse is a private freestanding unit, we needed to include a central nucleus and reception area to manage our guest services and other activities. But we didn’t just stop at building a reception area. As you can tell from the name, we envisioned the CAM as a true activity center which can host everything from cooking classes to family reunions. You’ll find the CAM at our Cabanas do Barranco property, and it is where you will go to check in and check out when you stay with us. It is truly the hub from which we manage the whole web of activity that it takes to keep Cabañitas del Bosque running! When you visit the CAM, you’ll immediately notices echoes of the details of our treehouses in the center’s design. Like the treehouses, it is elevated off the ground on stilts, and includes a wall almost entirely composed of windows to let in natural light and of course to enjoy the view. You’ll also note the use of local wood, which is both beautiful and functional. Did you know that the wood paneling on our treehouses is an effective insulating layer that which also helps our heating system to be more efficient and eco-friendly?
The CAM is home to a fully-equipped professional kitchen. If you order breakfast, lunch, or any of our pre-made meals to your room, this is where they will be prepared by our professional staff. But this is no tucked-away back room. We also make the space available to rent for group events, whether they be weddings or corporate retreats, as there is a large meeting and dining area adjacent to the kitchen with flexible seating and tables. The area is perfect for a destination wedding. There are plenty of luxurious accommodations for the guests, and lots of picturesque indoor or outdoor spaces for the ceremony. The CAM is the ideal reception hall after the ceremony is over. But that’s not all. With the easy to see kitchen area at the front, the main space in the CAM is also perfectly arranged for cooking classes or demonstrations, which as you can imagine pairs very well with our famous local cuisine. When the weather is nice (or even when it isn’t), you can also enjoy the deck, with its beautiful views of the valley. 

If you choose to sign up for any of the activities we offer, the CAM will also be your starting point. In addition to guided activities like horseback riding, canyoneering, ultra-gliding, and bungee jumping, you can also check in at the CAM and we’ll provide you with advice and materials to help you explore our area on your own, everything from local archeology of note to a guide to the wines and cheeses of Galicia. If you find you particularly enjoy some of the delicious food and drink stocked in your fridge or in your picnic basket, you can also come see us at the CAM to buy a bottle of wine or other treat to take home as a souvenir. And, of course, come check in at the CAM if there’s anything else we can do to make your stay even better. Our friendly staff is always happy to help with whatever we can.

                We hope to be welcoming to the CAM soon!