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Friday, 25 de may de 2018

In addition, all this natural wealth makes the Galician waters unbeatable for the practice of all kinds of water sports: diving, surfing, fishing, etc.

Another advantage of our peculiar coastal relief is that we can enjoy a variety of beaches, large sandy beaches, small coves, calm beaches within the rias and with more waves as we move away from the mouths of the rivers.

In this post we will talk about beautiful beaches that are located very close to our accommodations.

Beach of Carnota

Surely the most spectacular of all, we are talking about a beach in a perfect state of preservation, with more than 7 kilometers in length and with a width that reaches 500 meters when the tide drops completely.

At the heart of the beach, the mouth of the Vadebois river offers a wonderful show in what is known as Boca do Rio, a perfect place to go as a family since the waters here are calmer and the temperature is more pleasant for bathing.

The marshlands and dunes shelter a wide variety of migratory birds and endemic flora, this area is ideal for bird watchers.

Area Maior, Monte Louro

Like the beach of Carnota, this is an open sea beach where the waves can be quite intense, which makes surfers or windsurfers a common sight.

It is located at the foot of Monte Louro and it is a virgin beach, with crystal clear waters and fine white sand with a scarce occupation of people.

One of its main attractions is the group formed by a complex ecosystem of dunes, behind which we find the As Xarfas lagoon, which has an incredible flora and fauna that constitutes a natural area protected by Red Natura 2000.

Beach of As Furnas, Porto do Son

On the other side of the ria, we also find spectacular beaches, such as As Furnas, located in the municipality of Porto do Son.

This beach features channels and natural pools formed by the erosion of wind and water on its rocks and, like the previous ones, it is a virgin environment, fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. There are usually big waves and some wind, something that will not prevent you from enjoying the wonderful surroundings with long walks and beautiful sunsets.

An interesting fact is that this was the beach where Ramon Sampedro had the fatal accident that left him quadriplegic. Several scenes of the movie "The Sea Inside" (Mar Adentro) by Alejandro Amenabar were filmed here. In addition, we were able to see it this year in the hit series "Cocaine Coast" (Fariña); the well-known bench where Terito sat to give Sito Miñanco advice  is located here.

Beach of Broña, Outes

Last but not least, we include in our list the beach of Broña, located only a few meters away from some of our cabins, Cabanas de Broña.

It is a small beach of just 500 meters, with very calm waters and fine white sand located in the innermost point of the ria. It is perfect for bathing and spending a beautiful day with your partner or family, as it has a kid's area and also a green area with tables and benches. It is easy to access it, it has a parking lot and there is also street parking. It also has surveillance and a cleaning service.

Those who are looking for a little more privacy can follow the promenade towards O Requeixo and, just a few meters away on the right-hand side, you will find a very intimate cove with a name that may sound familiar to you, Vitareira, the name of one of our cabins.


These are some of the beaches that we have along our ria, but we have an infinity of spectacular sandy beaches distributed throughout the coastline that will delight all those who decide to visit us.